The wonder of positive energy! Light, laughter, and love have long been known for their healing power. Energy Heals is the merger of positive energy with Debbie's interest in people, love of animals, and her three decades of experience in the public service arena.

A graduate of Randolph-Macon Woman's College in Lynchburg, Virginia, Debbie expanded her education by studying energy as a healing modality. She is a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner and a Healing Touch for Animals® Certified Practitioner/Komitor Healing Method, Inc.

Healing Touch and Healing Touch for Animals® Help with:
In addition, Healing Touch for Animals® helps with:

· Pain management support

· Facilitating Competition Performance

· Accidents and injuries

· Training stabilization
· Reducing stress and anxiety · Behavioral issues
· Relaxation · Trauma
· Surgery support
· Long term treatment support
· Chronic illness support
· Disease prevention

Please note that these techniques are designed to enhance the healing process and do not replace traditional medical or veterinary healthcare. HT and HTA practitioners do not provide medical diagnosis, prescribe medications or perform surgery. Refer to a licensed medical or veterinary practitioner for medical care.

What Debbie's clients say:

"K., a 10 year old had been left at the shelter to be put down because she was an older dog and having "accidents on the rug." K. had lost her lifelong companion dog and the family where she was living had under gone some drastic social changes including a new baby in the house....The work that Deb has done with K. in two sessions has made her a calmer, happier, healthier dog, and I am thrilled with the results. I cannot say enough good things about the work that Deb has done with K. She is a very talented practitioner with an innate understanding of animals. She is a skilled professional through and through and I highly recommend her and Healing Touch for Animals." JMD York, PA

"Recently, Deborah worked with my horse, M., who lost an eye in a tragic accident.... With Deborah's therapy, M. showed little of the predicted swelling from the removal of the eye and her recovery has been most impressive. M. has showed no ill affects from her surgery, and she seems to be handling the loss of her eyesight on one side with dignity and none of the anxiety that I and the veterinarians had anticipated. I know that this outcome was the result of Deborah's great work on my horse, and exceeded my expectations." TJF White Hall, MD

"Debbie worked with (my horse) on a behavior that we wanted to minimize. Debbie was very reassuring with my horse and with me in accentuating positive thoughts and positive results. He has improved dramatically and her confidence has been transferred to me in dealing with this behavior with my horse. I recommend her as a Healing Touch Practitioner to my friends and acquaintances enthusiastically!" SP Richmond, VA

"I have been a practitioner since 1996 of Reflexology and since 2000 with Craniosacral Therapy. I believe having this connection with energy blesses me with the insight of feeling how my body reacts during a session.... Some practitioners are gifted to have a natural ability to connect with the body. Deborah is one of these practitioners." MR Glen Allen, VA

"I am very pleased with the results and outcome of Debbie doing Healing Touch for Animals on my cat for her cancer surgery. Debbie did HTA prior to the surgery and post op. My kitty did well, especially post op with recovering from the anesthesia. She was back up on her feet in no time and is very doing well. Even my Vet commented on her speedy recovery. For me, just knowing my cat was receiving some extra support during this traumatic time did wonders for me; I felt so much better and had confidence that everything would be all right. The HTA did wonders for me and my cat!" M.E. Charlottesville, VA


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